Warhead vs Complete Control: Revu

If you didn’t already, watch Whaaaaaa! I think I named the video correctly. Seriously, WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first the fight was just a little bit of a stand off with both just circling each other. Then Warhead got a hit on Complete Control and flew across the arena. After that they both had problems. Warhead’s spinner did not work and the flame on Complete Control was not working as well as his left side drive. They both wanderd around the battlebox aimlessly try ing to make their weapons work. Warhead was the first to get his weapon up and started spinning his deadly weapon. Next Complete Control got his flame to start. Warhead went in again and took a tiny gash out of the right side again, but then went back in hitting Complete Control on the other side. But after that hit Warhead got off balance, and went off around the battlebox and teetered and tottered, taking a while to get back straight. But things were not going well for Complete Control either, because of that last hit, he now could not move. Warhead soon regained his balance and hit Complete Control right on the fuel valve. Warhead flew across the box and landed upside down. But the last hit had actually set Complete control on fire! Then Warhead did what I would consider the coolest move ever on battlebots. He actually used the articulation of the spinning head, he went vertical and floated across the arena, straight at the flaming, dead Complete Control. He hit him with another blow before his opponent was counted out.


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