Star Wars Superiority

Why the Millennium Falcon is Superior to the USS Prometheus Which is the ultimate movie franchise? That is the question many people ask. The problem is that, it has been and always will be STAR WARS. There are many reasons. One of them is the starships. We will be focusing on the Millennium Falcon from […]

Battlebots Season 2 Finale Revu

Battlebots season 2 was wrapped up in the two hour finale. I will start to revu the first fight. The first fight was Chomp vs Yeti. I must say I wanted Yeti to win. He is just a great bot. All offense all the time was his builder’s motto. But for this fight, He removed […]

Warhead vs Complete Control: Revu

If you didn’t already, watch Whaaaaaa! I think I named the video correctly. Seriously, WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first the fight was just a little bit of a stand off with both just circling each other. Then Warhead got a hit on Complete Control and flew across the arena. After that they both had problems. Warhead’s spinner […]

Ghost Raptor Turtles

Ghost Raptor. Built by Chuck Pitzer. Don’t like him. He is mean. If you haven’t already, read BattlebotsRevu1. Anyway, I want to talk about the sabertoothed turtle. By sabertooth I mean the sabertoothhed tiger on the Ghost ‘Raptor’ logo. In an episode of Battlebots 2016 ABC, Ghost Raptor got flipper over and can’t self right. […]


I like Battlebots. It is my favorite show. I got attached to it 2015. Currently in season 2 on ABC. I like the bots builders, and most of all fights. My opinions of the bots are listed at the bottom. I am probably going to do more Revus on less broad topics. This is very […]