Battlebots Season 2 Finale Revu

Battlebots season 2 was wrapped up in the two hour finale. I will start to revu the first fight. The first fight was Chomp vs Yeti. I must say I wanted Yeti to win. He is just a great bot. All offense all the time was his builder’s motto. But for this fight, He removed […]

Warhead vs Complete Control: Revu

If you didn’t already, watch Whaaaaaa! I think I named the video correctly. Seriously, WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first the fight was just a little bit of a stand off with both just circling each other. Then Warhead got a hit on Complete Control and flew across the arena. After that they both had problems. Warhead’s spinner […]

Ghost Raptor Turtles

Ghost Raptor. Built by Chuck Pitzer. Don’t like him. He is mean. If you haven’t already, read BattlebotsRevu1. Anyway, I want to talk about the sabertoothed turtle. By sabertooth I mean the sabertoothhed tiger on the Ghost ‘Raptor’ logo. In an episode of Battlebots 2016 ABC, Ghost Raptor got flipper over and can’t self right. […]


I like Battlebots. It is my favorite show. I got attached to it 2015. Currently in season 2 on ABC. I like the bots builders, and most of all fights. My opinions of the bots are listed at the bottom. I am probably going to do more Revus on less broad topics. This is very […]