The Last Jedi: Disappointing pt 1.

Hello everybody! I am back from a somewhat long break from posting, not that anybody noticed. I saw The Last Jedi about a week ago. I was extremely disappointed. The movie was not that bad. The visuals were great, as well as the music and sound. I was disappointed with the story. And the development. […]

Andrew Jackson: Short Paper

Hyperrakenerd Bradley Fish November 6, 2017 President Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States. He was the only president to ever get rid of federal debt. Any president after that did not have any success with the federal debt. Born on March 15, 1767, Andrew Jackson received a very erratic […]

I Saw The INFINITY WAR Trailer!

I can’t take time to do an introduction, i just have to say what I thought. I JUST SAW THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Trailer It was so epic! I thought that I could not get to a higher hype level after the Thor: Ragnarok final trailer, but I was wrong!!! This is going to be […]

Gold Rush: Short Paper

Hyperrakenerd Bradley Fish November 20, 2017 The Gold Rush One of the biggest events during the 19th century was the gold rush. The gold rush was the finding gold in California during the 19th century. The first gold was struck by a worker at Sutter’s mill in 1848. The word spread like a wildfire, and […]

Doctor Strange

Movie: Doctor Strange Movie series: Doctor Strange Setting: Marvel Cinematic Universe Year: 2016 What to see before: Nothing Plot: A rich selfish man goes though a life changing experience, has everything taken away from him, he goes to a weird place that makes him become a superhero and he saves Earth and learns a valuable […]

Play-by-Play Info

This is just a note to both of my viewers (MermaidWarriorPrincess and BK14097473) on my play by plays. These are just me typing up my thoughts while watching the movie. Despite the inconvenience, it is best if you watch the movie while reading the play by play. It really helps. Those are my notes on […]

Star Wars Superiority

Why the Millennium Falcon is Superior to the USS Prometheus Which is the ultimate movie franchise? That is the question many people ask. The problem is that, it has been and always will be STAR WARS. There are many reasons. One of them is the starships. We will be focusing on the Millennium Falcon from […]