Pacific Rim Revu

Movie: Pacific Rim Setting: Apocalyptic Future Year: 2013 What to watch before: Nothing Summary: Giant Monster one day come out of a portal in the ocean and start destroying things. After fending off several attempts, the U.N. decides to build giant robots instead of just nuking the Kaiju(Thanks for the explanation HISHE*! Check out how […]

Who is the best Spiderman?

This is a competition on who is the more likable Spiderman (My opinion). There will be the three movie actors in an odd competition for best spiderman. The first category is the costume. The costume is a very iconic part. Tobey Maguire had an awesome spiderman suit It was a great representation of the spiderman. […]

My Least Favorite School Subject

Tyler Hill Bradley Fish September 7, 2017 My Least Favorite School Subject This essay is on what my least favorite school subject. At the moment I would have to say that my least favorite is english. I understand that it is helpful but it is the most tedious of my subjects so far. It has […]

What I Enjoy Doing

Tyler Hill Bradley Fish September 6, 2017 What I Enjoy Doing This essay is on what I enjoy doing. It is a few things. First of all, I enjoy video games. Second I enjoy building with Lego. I also enjoy playing baseball. These are three things that are really enjoy. I love to build with […]

What I Did Over Summer Vacation

Tyler Hill Bradley Fish September 5, 2017 What I Did Over Summer Break Summer Is one of the best times of the year. It is a chance to relax and recharge. Or if your a financial freak get a billion low paying jobs. Anyway I am here to say what I did over break. I […]