Doctor Strange

Movie: Doctor Strange Movie series: Doctor Strange Setting: Marvel Cinematic Universe Year: 2016 What to see before: Nothing Plot: A rich selfish man goes though a life changing experience, has everything taken away from him, he goes to a weird place that makes him become a superhero and he saves Earth and learns a valuable […]

Play-by-Play Info

This is just a note to both of my viewers (MermaidWarriorPrincess and BK14097473) on my play by plays. These are just me typing up my thoughts while watching the movie. Despite the inconvenience, it is best if you watch the movie while reading the play by play. It really helps. Those are my notes on […]

Star Wars Superiority

Why the Millennium Falcon is Superior to the USS Prometheus Which is the ultimate movie franchise? That is the question many people ask. The problem is that, it has been and always will be STAR WARS. There are many reasons. One of them is the starships. We will be focusing on the Millennium Falcon from […]

Pacific Rim Revu

Movie: Pacific Rim Setting: Apocalyptic Future Year: 2013 What to watch before: Nothing Summary: Giant Monster one day come out of a portal in the ocean and start destroying things. After fending off several attempts, the U.N. decides to build giant robots instead of just nuking the Kaiju(Thanks for the explanation HISHE*! Check out how […]

Who is the best Spiderman?

This is a competition on who is the more likable Spiderman (My opinion). There will be the three movie actors in an odd competition for best spiderman. The first category is the costume. The costume is a very iconic part. Tobey Maguire had an awesome spiderman suit It was a great representation of the spiderman. […]