Battlebots Season 2 Finale Revu

Battlebots season 2 was wrapped up in the two hour finale. I will start to revu the first fight.

The first fight was Chomp vs Yeti. I must say I wanted Yeti to win. He is just a great bot. All offense all the time was his builder’s motto. But for this fight, He removed his offensive lifting forks to stack up armor on the top, to protect from Chomp’s nematic hammer. On Chomp’s end of the pits, they wanted to repair all damage after beating last season’s champ, Bite Force (I hated that fight). In the Battlebox, the teams battled, showing that Yeti’s armor could take more than a single hit from Chomp. Yeti went straight for Chomp, their drum knocking off Chomp’s left self righting arm. After bullying Chomp all around, Yeti got Chomp on its left side, and without the left arm, it knocked Chomp out.

The next fight was Beta vs Tombstone. Tombstone, built by Ray Billings is a bot with the most deadly spinner in the competition. But Beta was built to destroy bots like Tombstone. Ones with little top armor. The fight started out with Tombstone flying across the arena after he hit Beta’s strong armor. Tombstone was flipped over in the impact. But flipped over, Tombstone is the same but his spinner was now higher than before, actually giving him an advantage, because he could almost hit Beta’s hammer drive. But before he could react, Beta pinned him to the wall, but then after being released, Tombstone took lost of good shots at Beta, winning a unanimous judges decision.

Next it was bull vs horse, as Minotaur faced off with Bronco. Bronco, with a flipper that can flip a semi-truck, must now face the the drum spinner that could knock a hammer head across a football field. The fight started with with Minotaur ripping of one of Bronco’s wheels. Bronco got some flips in, but Minotaur eventually took out all of Bronco’s wheels, knocking him out.

Then Bombshell fought Poison Arrow. Bombshell is a robot that has three configurations. They are; a vertical disk, horizontal bar, or an axe. But his next opponent, Poison arrow, had fought many upset matches, ready for another. The fight started out with both bots rushed out of the gate, but Poison Arrow sidestepped Bombshell, just avoiding collision of both deadly weapons. The bots the circle with Bombshell on the high offensive. With a bit of tricky driving, Bombshell gets a solid shot on Poison Arrow. After a little dancing around, Poison Arrow tries to hack at Bombshell’s wedge, only succeeding in slowing its own drum spinner. When he backs off, Bombshell takes a major shot at his opponent and flips Poison Arrow on its back. Then going in for another shot, Bombshell heaves the tiny little bot at an angle so that it is stuck against the wall. In an attempt to save the main bot, the drone of Poison Arrow sacrifices itself, only succeeding in landing upside down. But the attempt might have worked, seeing that Bombshell tried to take out the grounded drone, knocking Poison Arrow off of the wall. But Bombshell let his opponent have no rest and bashed the struggling Poison Arrow until he was stuck in the screws, knocked out.

In the semi-finals, Yeti faced the first year runner-up: Tombstone. This was a very unexpected outcome, with  a judges decision. At the opening bell, Tombstone steadily made his way out of the red square. Yeti slowly approached, and barely dodged a vicious blow from Tombstone, and almost got a nick at one of the deadly bot’s tires. But Tombstone came out with the better hit, as he took out Yeti’s left drum spinner support. This stunned Yeti, and Tombstone hit him again, taking a chunk of the tires this time. Staggering, Yeti was hit again and thrown against the wall. This blow also took out his right drum support. Tombstone went is and took out Yeti’s other front tire, causing the huge drum to drag on the floor. Tombstone went in for a final shot and broke off Yeti’s last front tire. This blow also took it’s toll on Tombstone, because the impact dislodged his drive train, making his weapon nothing but a limp bar. This caused the rest of the fight to be a glorified pushing match. Tombstone still bossed around Yeti. This resulted in Tombstone taking a win with a unanimous judges decision.

The final semi-final fight was the seventh seed: Minotaur, and the nineteenth seed: Bombshell. The fight started out with Bombshell taking head on head. This did not do much because of Bombshell’s big wedge, so they broke off. The next minute consisted of the two bots circling around each other. The next hit came after a while, and it was on Bombshell. The hit took out his left guard, and he retreated, having to get away from Minotaur. Minotaur also took a strike at Bombshell’s wheels. After a bit of dancing an small amounts of child’s play,  Bombshell gets a huge strike on Minotaur, flipping him. This greatly disabled him and he was knocked into the corner. Even without right drive power, Minotaur would not die, and ran around the box using only his left wheel and the gyro force from the drum. But after a few mire hits, the deadly drum was knocked out.

Now it is time for the finale. The fight between Tombstone and Bombshell. Bombshell went with his horizontal bar spinner. The fight started out with the two spinners rushing each other. The first impact took out Bombshell’s right support. While stunned Tombstone took out more chunks. In a short few moments Bombshell was knocked out. Tombstone had won Battlebots.

That wraps up the revu.


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